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What’s special about it?

Your sports massage will be administered by a fully qualified physiotherapist, this means that she can use her in depth knowledge of anatomy and pathology to bespoke the treatment to you and your body's needs. Meaning you get absolutely the most out of your treatment sessions.

What is sports massage?

Not just for gym bunnies! Sports massage is a type of deep tissue massage and soft tissue mobilisation to address soft tissue imbalances with hands on techniques Sports massage can benefit anybody with aches and pains, does a lot of sport, has a repetitive or stressful job, injury or chronic condition.

Benefits of sports massage

Sports massage can help facilitate a reduction in pain, help to improve rehabilitation after sports and non-sports related injury. Maintains good muscle tone helping to guard against injury. Improves blood flow aiding healing. Increases lymphatic drainage meaning inflammation can be reduced. Helps clearance of toxins in the muscles. Can help improve range of movement in joints and flexibility and improve posture. Helps aid recovery after exercise, reducing muscle soreness. Can aid relaxation. Please note sports massage may cause soreness and bruising post treatment, this is normal and will resolve within your usual healing time, normally up to 48 hours. If you have any concerns please contact Rebecca.


Active cancer, first trimester of pregnancy, Acute injury (with first 48 hours), suspected blood clot, hyperthermia, infectious diseases, active infection. Some medical conditions may make it inadvisable to have a sports massage this will be discussed with the physiotherapist.


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