Welcome to Twist Physiotherapy

Specialising in Physiotherapy & Sports Massage

What to expect at your appointment

Please wear shorts, females may want to wear a vest top too.

Each session will last approximately 60 minutes. If you choose sports massage the treatment time will be 45 minutes. Longer sessions are available at request. A 45 minute sports massage focuses on one area of the body.

The first session will include a physical assessment and a discussion about your medical history. After your assessment the best course of treatment will be discussed with you and a plan for your treatment made.

Please be aware that sports massage and physiotherapy may cause discomfort and may result in bruising, skin redness and muscle soreness post treatment, this will resolve within your normal healing time, usually 48 hours.

It is your right to stop the session at any time. You are advised to drink lots of fluids post treatment to ensure you keep hydrated.


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